Rules for trolley rides

Experience the beautiful forest on the way to Ljunbyghed (photo: Rutger Blom)

A few simple rules to remember:

  1. The is important that you carefully bikes. Similarly, no children or young people allowed themselves to ride out that an adult accompany.
  2. For best security as an adult to ride a bike first and last.
  3. Stanna corridor transitions and at all stages of the trolley. Car traffic may at times be quite extensive.
  4. Minst 25 meters between each trolley, where many are way off. Inspect brake was sitting before you leave bicycles.
  5. Antal persons may also go by trolley are:
    1. Max two adults
    2. A adult and two children under 10 years
    3. Två adults and a baby
  6. The field gear, go and point the trolley track, where else can derail. Cycling in crop area is not allowed.
  7. All debris that remain to be taken home and thrown there.
  8. Om you want to grill or smoke so you do it in the appropriate place for grandparents.
  9. När you pause, so the trolley does not remain on the runway. Keep in mind that there might be others who want to pass.
  10. Hjälp happy with each other and pålyftning of trolleys at the meetings.
  11. När journey is completed parked trolley just like you took them, lock the trolley, and then give back the key that you borrowed the intended mailbox.

  12. Most important of all, have a nice ride along our path through beautiful forest and farmland.

Here a bunch of trolleys waiting for you to be on track for a ride (photo: Rutger Blom)

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